No New Gang Database in Chicago

Submit comments TODAY against a new gang database in Chicago and call your Alderman to stop the Chicago Police Department from moving forward.

The comment period ends May 11th, 2019

Step 1: Prepare your comments. Using your own words, and using as many points as you would like, such as: 
  • CPD should follow the recommendations of the Inspector General and stop the creation of a new gang database;
  • The Criminal Enterprise Database goes around a fair legislative process, and cuts out City Council and community experts from giving real input;
  • A new gang database does not address violence in our neighborhoods, we need funds for schools, mental health providers, violence interrupters programs, and local organizations.
  • CPD should stop the creation of the Criminal Enterprise Database.
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Step 3: Document your comment to CPD.
  • Take a screenshot or copy and paste, and send us a copy of your comment. We want to know what comments our communities are submitting.
  • Want to keep in touch? Sign this petition, and we’ll keep you updated about the efforts.
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Questions and Answers on the

New Criminal Enterprise Database

What is the Criminal Enterprise Database?

  • After the Chicago Gang Database was exposed for being ineffective, circumventing due process, and targeting Black and Latino communities, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) declared that they would create a new database, now called the “Criminal Enterprise Database.” 
  • The database is being created against the recommendation of the Office of Inspector General and without meaningful input from experts or the members of the community. 
  • In order to say that they have taken the public into account, the police department has an “open comment” period for Chicagoans to submit their thoughts on the creation of this new gang database.

Why do we oppose a new gang database?

  • Simply put, the research shows that we should not trust the police department to create a new gang database, without oversight, without input from experts, and against the recommendations from the Inspector General.  
  • There has been no guarantee that the issues identified with the Gang Database won’t be replicated in the new one. The proposal is that information and appeals are still reviewed internally, only within the CPD and requires a background check, there is indication that CPD plans to continue to share this information with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies – potentially including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).  
  • The new gang database does nothing to address the harm that the current Chicago Gang Database has caused Chicagoans. The CPD has said they will keep all of the information in their system, and add a note that the information may or may not be accurate.

What can we do right now?

  • We need people to submit comments to the CPD website. Please see examples. We know that the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) – the police union –  works hard to get their police officers to comment in favor of these proposals, and we need to make sure there are community members also submitting our comments.  
  • Call your Alderman, and make sure they take a stand against the creation of a new Gang Database being created without oversight and against OUG recommendations. 
  • Sign this petition to add your name to the list of people opposing the creation of a new Gang Database:

What about the old database?

  • CPD continues to keep the information available to over 500 agencies, including ICE and Chicago Public Schools, without reviews, audits, or opportunities for challenges. We believe they should stop using the information and stop giving access to other agencies, especially the ones that have no official agreements with the city.  
  • The OIG report only investigated a small fraction of the gang database entries into the CLEAR system, and should be fully audited and investigated by City Council. There are potentially another 10-15 ways information can be input into the gang database. The OIG audit only covered gang arrest cards.  
  • Mayor-elect Lightfoot should direct the city to release information to community organizations regarding the gang database, requested via Freedom of Information Act requests and a lawsuit against the city, so that we can get a full picture of the activities of the CPD regarding the gang database.

This call to action was put together by the Erase the Database Coalition. For more information visit